Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 1

I’ve decided to start a blog mini-series, just for the fun of it. You see, whenever I encounter something in life, I give it a mental category – love it, hate it, or completely indifferent (sometimes also known as undecided). I imagine this is true with everyone, but most people probably don’t think about their mental filing system or find it amusing the way I do. This is where my nerdiness comes in.

The “completely indifferent or undecided” category is a snoozer. We’ll toss that one out the window. Which leaves us, naturally, with hate it or love it. Or, as I prefer to call it:

Douche or Delight?


This is volume 1. Hooray! This is a whenever-the-mood-strikes thing. The best (and worst) things in life pop up in their own time, so I see no fun in assigning a particular requirement or theme, unlike some crap running around on the internet right now. *cough* Facebook 30-day photo challenge *cough*

Today we start on a positive note!



Who doesn’t love a good lemon?

Well, you may not, and in that case we can agree to disagree. I think lemons are amazing. It struck me today that they may just be the most amazing fruit ever. Think about it. Lemons can be used to garnish your tea, perk up your salad dressing, polish your silverware, cleanse and tighten your skin, de-smell your garbage disposal, disinfect your cutting board, whiten your fingernails, mop your floors, and brighten your laundry. And yes, if you searched for the biggest one on the produce stand and portioned it out just right, you could conceivably do all of those things with just one lemon. Incredible. Without a doubt, a delight!

What will pop up on my list next time?

Nobody knows…


One comment on “Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 1

  1. benwashisnameo says:

    Fantastic! Douche or delight so good.

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