Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 3

Douche or Delight?



Seasonal Allergies

Okay, so I really wanted to do a “delight” this time, and talk about something positive. But I have to give allergies their moment in the douchey spotlight. Because, really, they massively suck! I love my job, but I dread the start of every day just because I know I’ll be a sneezing, eye-rubbing, lozenge-sucking mess by the end of it. I should be looking forward to every day of summer, not wishing for fall already! Sorry, allergies. You get a definite douche stamp.

What will pop up on my list next time?

Nobody knows…


One comment on “Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 3

  1. benwashisnameo says:

    Allergies are one of the things that add to the fact that even though summer is awesome, fall totally owns it in the season rankings! imo

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