Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 4

Douche or Delight?



Tea is one of my favourite things in the entire world. 

For starters, it smells good. In leaf form, or in liquid form, it smells clean and herby and lovely. Second, it tastes good. Even if you’re one of the people who has to dose it up with gallons of sugar (personally I’m a purist), it is refreshing and addicting. Third, it’s versatile. In iced form on a hot summer day, in steaming form on a cold rainy day, when you’re working out, when you’re sick, no matter the situation, it’s appropriate. Fourth, it comes in a bazillion varieties. You can have black tea, green tea, red tea, white tea, oolong tea, herbal tea – which is not really tea at all, but that’s a blog for another day – fruit flavored, spice flavored, you name it. Fifth and final, it’s good for you. How many things are awesome in every way and yet actually recommended for consumption? Exactly. That sums up tea’s delightfulness right there!

What will pop up on my list next time?

Nobody knows…


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