Because it’s worth another (better) look.

Perhaps I should have waited to post my last blog, because I finally stumbled upon a video that does the whole thing justice. It’s more fun, too, because we get close-ups of the guys’ faces. 😀 (squeeeeal!)

Just a couple notes:

~ Hello adorable Robbie Williams facial expressions right into the camera! What a hambone he is! Whoever took this video probably peed her pants in excitement. (Just sayin’.)

~ Howard Donald (remember, the guy in all-white?), you intense, sexy, hardcore badass! DAMN! That face could melt an iceberg. Doesn’t so much as twitch the whole time. He’s in the zone! I love him.

~ Not enough Gary Barlow. Period. (Great shot of lonely Gary at about 3:58.) Poor guy doesn’t get individual spotlight on this song: while Robbie raps, Mark sings lead, and Jason/Howard dance-off, Gaz just gets to sit on his throne and look sexy. ❤ That’s okay with me, but I wish we could see him more!


These boys (sorry – men!) rock my world. They are so good. Insanely good.


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