Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 6

Douche or Delight?





This is far too broad of a category for a D-or-D post, but I had to put the obvious out there: I love music. I live for music. I can’t go two steps out the door without my iPod before I start to have a panic attack. When I’m mad, I listen to music. When I’m sad, I listen to music. When I’m happy….you get the picture. I think that discovering new music (whether it’s actually new, or decades old) is one of the single most amazing experiences in the world. I tend to get panicked that one day I’ll run out of new music to fall in love with. Then I find a new-to-me artist or song that throws my world into a spin and I feel giddy all over again. If my house were on fire and I only had time to save one thing, I’d dive straight for the iPod. Okay, slight exaggeration. But nobody knows me better than my iPod (except maybe Amazon – damn you and your spot-on recommendations, Amazon!), and sometimes, when it plays a particularly mind-blowing sequence of songs, I think I’d marry it.  

I’ll take music in any form – cassette, CD, vinyl, digital, live, whatever – and any genre. I can always find something I like. It’s not really a hobby or an obsession, it’s more important than that.

It’s fuel.

What will pop up on my list next time?

Nobody knows…


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