Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 7

Douche or Delight?




Some people may consider this selection a douche, but I really, really, really love rain! What’s not to love? It smells amazing, it washes allergens away, and it keeps everything green (which happens to be my favorite color). It’s also soothing, and most of the cranky people stay inside on rainy days – which may be my favorite bonus of all!

Rain inspires me. I get the most ideas for stories, song lyrics, and poems when it’s pouring outside. I also feel most at peace with the world during a rainstorm. It’s like God’s (or, if you prefer, Nature’s) subtle way of reminding us that we’re not as significant as we think we are. There are many things in this world bigger than us, more powerful than us, more magnificent than us. And I kind of like feeling small and insignificant. Well, you know. Sometimes.

What will pop up on my list next time?

Nobody knows…


One comment on “Douche or Delight ~ Vol. 7

  1. benwashisnameo says:

    Just win in every way ever!

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