Holding back the flood.

I initially watched this video months ago when it first premiered; I remember lying in bed and viewing it on my iPod. Just moments into the video, and well after the end of it, I was in tears.

Now, I’m not a baby by any means, and I don’t tend to cry a lot over my own emotions. But other peoples’ emotions? Instantly. I cry at movies, books, commercials, (and apparently YouTube videos) at the drop of a hat. So, no, the emotions don’t have to happen to a real person – even a fictional character will have me sobbing.

And I guess that’s a good thing? At least, I consider it to be. Each time it happens, it proves that my capacity to feel amazing, earth-shattering emotions is still going strong. It’s part of the way I run – I “idle high” at all times. (More thoughts on that at a later date.)

After all of my Take That obsession lately (okay, it’s been going on for a while now, but I only decided to let it out in blogs recently), I realized that I’ve failed to share what I consider the single best moment in TT history, and just a beautiful moment in humankind to boot. Yep, this video.

Here’s why it’s so great: rewind over 15 years ago, to when Robbie Williams abruptly departed Take That and the band fell apart. There was bad blood between the boys (especially Robbie and Gaz). People thought that was the end. And, for a while, it was.

Then fast forward to 2005, when Gary, Howard, Jason, and Mark reformed without Robbie. Fans were thrilled. ❤ Give it another few years and we finally come to 2010, when, much to the surprise of – let’s face it – pretty much everyone, it was announced that Robbie Williams was returning to the Take That fold. Holy doughnuts, Batman! This was huge news. Considering the popularity and commercial success of TT, and of Robbie Williams on his own, it could arguably be compared (on a slightly lesser scale, of course) to the returning of a missing Beatle.

What many wondered is – did Robbie come back because he wanted to be a part of TT again? Or did Robbie return simply because his own career was floundering and his former bandmates were experiencing success?

I think this video answers it all.

The song is “The Flood”. This video, from an episode of The X-Factor in 2010, marks their first official performance as a 5-piece in over 15 years. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that “holding back the flood” is more than just some song lyrics here. Robbie is beside himself with emotion from the first note (all of which he hits beautifully, by the way!). And the other guys? Beaming. ❤ Despite Gary’s mic being too low (grrr! Fire the sound techs!), I’ve never seen Mr. Barlow so happy on stage, ever. He’s trying to maintain that stoic Gary Barlow stage face, and hot damn, does he ever fail at it this time around!

Best moments:

0:40-0:45 ~ Robbie visibly choked with emotion as he sings “then we forgave them”. Forgiveness strike a particularly poignant chord with this group, perhaps? 😉

1:07-1:24 ~ Gary trying to keep a straight face. Sorry, Mr. Serious, you failed! 😀 ❤

3:32-3:38 ~ Mark and Robbie, need I say more? Watching them perform together is always sooooo cute. ❤

3:56-3:58 ~ Gary’s little jig. What the fuck was that?! I love men who can dance, but sometimes men who can’t dance are even better! LOL

And, obviously, group hug at the end. ❤ ❤ ❤ Emotional for anyone who understands just how ugly the backstory with this group is!

It’s a lovely moment in time, all things considered. They knew there were naysayers out there, so they had to come out and prove they were ready to be a cohesive group for the first time in over a decade. And they nailed it.

(Edit: Apparently you’ll have to click to allow a YouTube pop-up in order to watch the video. Dumb!)


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