Playlist of the moment.

My playlist is always changing…and I thought I’d start keeping track of it for my own sake. It’s interesting to look back even a few weeks later and see what I was hooked on, what I’ve grown out of, etc.

I’m in a major pop/dance phase right now. I tend to weave from pop to rock to oldies to world to jazz to you-name-what-else, but I’ve been stuck on the pop/dance thing for a while. I think it’s because I need that burst of energy to keep me happy and motivated this summer. It just so happens that a lot of my favorite boy banders have some great solo pop/dance stuff out right now, so that has something to do with it too. ūüôā

(In no particular order), these are some of the songs I’m hooked on this week:

Howie D ~¬†“100”

This song isn’t mind-blowing by any means, but it’s¬†catchy and¬†dancey. And it’s Howie D. I mean, fuck. This is THE¬†Backstreet Boy¬†I used to¬†kiss a picture of every night, and pray that I’d one day marry. (No joke. We’re talking the love of my teenage life here.) And admittedly, when the video gets about to 1:48+ and he starts making all those damn cute faces, I kinda¬†remember why I wanted to have his babies…


A.J. McLean ~¬†“Teenage Wildlife”

Okay, confession time – the only reason¬†I openly¬†idolized Howie D¬†is because I had¬†a deep, dark secret.¬†If my father had known¬†of my obsessive love¬†for Alexander James McLean, he would have personally carved a cross and crucified me to it. But it was true. From day one, I wanted the bad boy…and I still do. Endless tattoos, piercings, drug problems, and that damn guyliner…even I say what the fuck? But I can’t change it. This guy somehow is still one of the sexiest people I’ve ever laid eyes on. *sigh* And this song is completely badass. Also, still¬†unavailable in the U.S., even more than a year after its release¬† Of course. (FML!)


Joey McIntyre ~ “Here We Go Again”

I don’t know where to begin with this one. How does the baby-faced kid of New Kids On The Block end up releasing such a badass solo single at age 38? Hot damn. I mean, he was cute and I liked his solo work back in the day, but now he’s better than ever. (Aren’t they all?)


David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris ~ “Little Bad Girl”

Mmkay, a few things here:

1) I love David Guetta.¬†If I were a billionaire, he would DJ every one of my parties. I’d have him on speed dial.

2) I love Taio Cruz. He’s British, he’s sexy, he wears shades even in a dark club, and he says absurd things in songs like “over thurrr”. What’s not to love?

3) I love Ludacris. He’s a badass rapper to¬†begin with, but¬†absolutely KILLS IT in this song.

4) I did not know these 3 recorded a track together until a few days ago. I nearly screamed when I found it. It¬†is (of course) amazing, and is now my theme song of the moment. ‚̧


Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony ~ “Rain Over Me”

The first time I listened to this song, I was like, “Oh it sucks. Boring after the first listen.” Then I kept going back for more. WTF?!

Okay, fine. I’ll admit it. It gets better with each listen. Pitbull’s growl with Marc Anthony’s gorgeous wail? Shiiiiiiiiit! ‚̧ I’m hooked. Whatever.


Selena Gomez ~ “Love You Like A Love Song”

This song blows. It’s sooooo bad. And sooooooooo good. Even I’m ashamed to love it as much as I do – and I’m the queen of cheesy pop! Damn you, Selena. And you have to be so fucking cute to boot. (I love her videos. It’s like watching a little girl have a blast playing dress-up. I’m totally jealous!)


Nick Carter ~ “I’m Taking Off”

I’m sad there’s no music video for this (yet) because it could be insane! I don’t know what I was expecting from this album – I loved Nick’s first¬†solo¬†album “Now Or Never”, but that was (oh now I feel old) back in 2002. The sheer time between his albums, and the fact that “I’m Taking Off” has a dull, gray-tone, unmemorable cover, apparently lowered my expectations. But the title track alone is worth it. (The rest of the album’s great too!) This song is brill – the lyrics, the music, the premise. C’mon, any song that mentions Captain Kirk is bound to be the shit. Looooove it.


Colbie Caillat ~ “I Do”

This doesn’t fit the dance/pop mold I’m in, but I adore Colbie and her music is exactly how I envisioned my own would be¬†if I recorded an album.¬†Sunny, bright,¬†endlessly creative…I love her work so much. There are several of her songs I’m¬†hooked on at the moment, but this is just one of my faves. Besides, I can’t say no to a song that has either banjo or ukelele in it. Period.


Jordan Knight ~ “Let’s Go Higher”

This kind of reminds me of the Howie D song in regards to¬†quality: it’s not earth-shattering, but it’s catchy, and the fact that it’s my “favorite” member of a group makes it a must. I loved Jordan. I still do. He’s gorgeous, but more importantly, he has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.¬†It’s like silk, and when¬†he hits those high falsetto notes in NKOTB songs, my knees get weak. I had always thought for sure those notes were auto-tuned in the studio, but this 41-year-old sexpot nearly blew the ceiling off with them at the NKOTBSB concert. I had to hold myself up for a moment. Good damn thing his brother’s the gay one, because that means my Jordan fantasies are still possible…well, you know, ignoring the fact that we both have spouses and multiple children. (Kimberly Knight has a¬†ring to it, that’s all I’m sayin’.)¬†Anyway…


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